Pixel penguins

                      Pixel Penguins   

To make your pixel penguin you must choose a varity of clothes for your penguin, you can only pick from below :

These are the all clothes you can choose  from, Also you have a choice of a puffle to be with your pixel penguin. You can choose a background and color here they are:



Here are some sample penguins. you order your penguin by commenting below . look at the clothes,color of penguin,background,and puffle {if wanted}. After looking at the clothes,colors,and backgrounds you can order. your penguin will be under the sample penguins. you can make up to as many as you want please try to keep the number of your pixel penguins low. Order up !  {remember to check back in 1 to 2 days }

   Sample penguins

                                     complete  pixel penguins 

awesomeguy14’s pixel  penguin

T’s pixel penguin

cpwatex’s pixel penguin 

Mr.cool’s pixel penguin

cprules’s pixel penguin 

slushie9990’s pixel penguin

hullcityfc’s pixel penguin 

pepstar1’s pixel penguin 

Bell’s pixel penguin 

cprule’s pixel penguin

chipper1095’s pixel penguin 

unicorngreat’s pixel penguin 

penguin32280607’s pixel penguins 


jon’s pixel penguin

liviloo92’s pixel penguins

indy59’s pixel penguin

clubpenguincheats1313 pixel penguin 




30 Responses to “Pixel penguins”

  1. clubpenguincheats356 Says:

    Order up 🙂

  2. awesomeguy14 Says:

    ill make 1 can i have a… beta hat, blue suit, cool lay the orange yellow and red 1, skateboard idc what color, and my penguin color is gonna be blue with the army background and a green puffle!

  3. T Says:

    i want one with the heart background ,pink dress,crown,pearl necklace,and yellow shoes with a pink puffle

  4. cpwatex Says:

    i will have one with army background,light blue color,black hoddie,beta hat ,blue face paint,3d glasses ,no puffle,and black shoes

  5. cprules Says:

    i will take one with the pumpkin outfit,color orange,background pumpkin patch thank you

  6. mr cool Says:

    i want one with black hoddie ,blue cape ,beta hat red and orange lay,and the lighthouse background

  7. slushie9990 Says:

    Can I get:

    An orange Penguin with Pumpkin costume, with a black puffle?? (No background)


  8. cpwatex Says:

    hey these are so cool 🙂

  9. hullcityfc Says:

    red and white sailor shirt
    Lucky hat
    Ice skates
    Red face paint
    colourful lie
    Green penguin
    orange and yellow background

    your pixel penguin is ready

  10. clareloveswebkinz Says:

    hey wheres mine?

  11. unknown penguin Says:

    name: pepstar1
    face: brown sun glasses
    body:purple hoodie
    neck:star necklace
    holding:black guitar
    feet: pink sandels
    coins.. alot Your pixel penguin is ready come again (there was no star necklace sorry)

  12. bell Says:

    hey can i have the pink dress the pink puffle and bunny slippers and the heart back round { you didnt say the color so i am giving you the color it starts out with and its ready

  13. cprules Says:

    hey can i have another pixel penguin i want’
    color red and blue
    face blue paint
    clothes blue swim suite ,read polo shirt
    background palm trees
    orange and red lay ,beta hat ,and green cape

  14. Chipper1095 Says:

    Here is my order. Green penguin, Gladiator Helmet, Green CP Jacket, Green Guitar, Lifeguard Whistle, and Camo Background.

  15. unigre8 Says:

    Please make me one that u create ur self and put unicorngreat (my cp name) on it. Thx!

  16. penguin32280607 Says:

    Head: Black Toque
    Face: Red sunglasses
    Body: Black/Brown Letterman
    Feet: Ice skates
    Neck: Green cape
    Puffle: none.
    Background: Camo
    Color: Red/Blue.

  17. penguin32280607 Says:

    um you said my pixel penguin is ready, but it’s not up there..

  18. penguin32280607 Says:

    awesome thax dude!

  19. penguin32280607 Says:

    i will have another! lol
    Head: 1st anniversary hat
    Face: Blu face paint
    Body: Quilted Vest
    Feet: Cowboy boots
    Neck: Red lei
    Puffle: Green
    Background: Rockhopper
    Thanks again!

  20. penguin32280607 Says:

    dude you rock! I’m adding you to my best friends page! Not only because the pixel penguins, but because your nice! Thanx!

  21. Jon Says:

    Cool! I want one!

    I want to be orange with:
    The Clown Outfit
    The Clown Rainbow Afro
    The 3D Glasses
    The Green Pool Flippers
    The Blue Puffle
    The Pumpkin Patch Background

  22. Jon Says:

    Thanks! Awesome!

  23. liviloo92 Says:

    I want

    The Pumkin Background
    Red super hero cape
    yellow duck
    Blue bathers
    reed faace paint

  24. liviloo92 Says:


  25. liviloo92 Says:

    Can i have another one?

    I want:

    purple tutu
    pink puffle
    Hawaiin lea
    rockhopper background

  26. indy59 Says:

    red bandana
    black hoody
    blue guitar

  27. clubpenguincheats1313 Says:

    beta hat
    red lei
    red cape
    blue coat
    red gutair
    army background
    red white face paint

  28. clubpenguincheats1313 Says:


  29. drake500958 Says:

    nice blog!

  30. ninjahater1 Says:

    PLEASE ORDER AT ARE NEW SITE http://cpcheats23z.wordpress.com/

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