Funny Pictures

That alligator bites


 That puffle cant stay at the night club 

No one adopted me 

look at my hair cut 

that place is like a junk yard 

 there were too many tvs 

I  was mining to be rich but it didnt turn out that way 

 that cream soda didnt taste as good as it looked 

That pizza was better then the  cream soda  


 i got suck after the pizza 

 what there are no bathrooms 

 that was one of the grosses shows i have ever seen. i was going to barf like the  girl

help its tooo heavy 

 two minutes later i was the in  the goal 

what it caught on fire

this is why clubpenguin doesn’t have a rescue team 

That pin is very pointy 

that pyramid is cursed 

before after i should have wore sunblock 

that hurt 

that snow ball hit me pretty hard

 eww tea and scones. nasty !

Help! i am stuck and my bottom is wet 

uh no not more cream soda 

THat puffle is good at limbo 

 Haha i told you i would strike it rich 

 Shower time i havent bathed for weeks 

 It’s my gold

Cream soda is every and still tastes bad 

Im not taking a chance of trying that slushie



The lifeguard did not even bother to save me, penguins these days

He touched my burger . He is crazy if i’m eating that 

Im lost help me mommy

that is some hot lava

that  tasted so nasty that was as bad as  the cream soda 

He bit my behind 

Were do they get this nasty cream soda

That cheap machine tried to rip me off

ewww nasty cream soda this stuff every where.

I’m tired get my some french fries


After^ He won by a second 😦


That hurt 


That was very spikey

picture-69 before


my head felt lopsided


18 Responses to “Funny Pictures”

  1. cprules Says:

    hahah very funny

  2. awesomeguy14 Says:

    lol thats me!

  3. clareloveswebkinz Says:

    hehe i like thr sun tan 1!

  4. ocsar one Says:

    lol these r the funniest pictures i have saw there funnier then paintboy

  5. T Says:

    good job

  6. awesomeguy14 Says:

    same here lol

  7. slushie9990 Says:

    lol! I like the TV show one! They are all funny!

  8. ta4422 Says:

    And paintboy hasnt posted since jan 22 08

  9. clubpenguincheats356 Says:

    Tell me if you want a pixel penguin

  10. cheatgnome Says:

    come to

  11. spiderlilly Says:

    cool. visit now!

  12. liviloo92 Says:

    That was awesome!!

  13. liviloo92 Says:

    i mean isnt that awesome?!

  14. slushie9990 Says:

    LOL! Awesome! I like the new ones!!!! LOL

  15. und3ro4th97 Says:

    Nice! Keep it up!!!!!


  16. Mokibob & Tvi kitty Says:

  17. slushie9990 Says:

    I love the cream soda jokes. lol

  18. braybon9 Says:


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