Rockhopper Arrives & New Play

Rockhopper’s Rare Items

Also if you click on the steering wheel you can get a life ring 

 Boat Hunt

 ^ Boat 1 ^

 ^ Boat 2 ^

^ boat 3 ^

^ boat 4 ^

^ boat 5 ^

^ boat 6 ^

^ boat 7 ^

^ boat 8 ^

Then once you have got all the paper boats click build blueprints. Then put pieces together. Last you can get you blue prints background. Below is what the blue prints should look like:

New Play

The new play came out friday.

Blue vs Red

Who will take home the gold


Im back from hawii


One Response to “Rockhopper Arrives & New Play”

  1. thesource00 Says:

    The army of club penguin is taking over the world of cp. The only way to stop them is to join together so we can all be in cp peacefully. Join the cp admirals

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