Arrg Rockhopper

Rockhopper is coming hopefully he will bring us something good. Remember to check the telescope each day.


4 Responses to “Arrg Rockhopper”

  1. dannysolo Says:

    What about that posting contest guess u were just lying. Last i come too ur site

    Editors comment
    Someone hacked the member penguin and he got banned. So i will give you a prize still because you won what will your prize b choose out of these:
    Be on my blogroll
    Be in a picture with me
    Order a widget
    Be in a video
    sorry so much just comment what you want

  2. awesomeguy14 Says:

    yay i cant wait till rockhopper and go to my site

  3. clubpenguincheats356 Says:

    me tooo

  4. awesomeguy14 Says:

    yay i luv wen rockhopper comes ahhh i luv his stuff it betta be good cuz sumtimes its really bad.

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