Key Hunt

On monday we will have to find Rockhopper’s  key to get in to his captains quarters 


8 Responses to “Key Hunt”

  1. slushie9990 Says:

    Finally! We will be able to get into his room!!! lol

  2. awesomeguy14 Says:

    yayyy i cant wait ive been waiting forever and its finally coming!

  3. und3ro4th97 Says:

    Will you post where the key will be?


  4. clubpenguincheats356 Says:

    yes i will post the key .

  5. looking for key Says:

    i cant find the key and some people found a sign but i cant find it now it said

    “sorry my room is a bit messy i will be leaving it closed” but now the sign is gone

  6. reece4gp Says:

    were key!!

  7. bhxy4444 Says:

    cool- but not true the key is actually at the cove! click on the rock it will tip then a key will pop out that is RH’s key!

  8. David Vu Says:

    Its on the second floor of the coffee shop.
    Look at the end of the book.
    you will see his key.

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