penguin as puffles

picture-4.png To be a puffle you have to go to                 it has ended


7 Responses to “penguin as puffles”

  1. slushie9990 Says:

    hey cool site

  2. slushie9990 Says:


  3. MD The skate king Says:

    cool site go to

  4. awesomeguy14 Says:

    yaaaaa being a puffle is sooo cool!

  5. clareloveswebkinz Says:

    Ben should me that , its so aweosme and funny!

  6. und3ro4th97 Says:

    awesome!! I liked how Billybob expanded the puffle party thingy!!


  7. slushie9990 Says:

    I added you to the blogroll! Now… can you add me to yours?

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