easter egg hunt hints

egg11.pngThe first egg is the mine in the lantern 
egg21.png The second egg is at the dock on the  docks pole
egg31.pngThe third egg is at the pet shop in a cage 
egg41.pngThe fourth egg is in the book room in a plant holder 
egg51.png The fifth egg is in the gift shop in a poster 
 egg6.pngThe sixth egg is in the plaza in one of the stages lights
egg71.pngThe seventh egg  is in the attic  in a cardboard box 
egg81.pngThe lAst egg Is  iN the doJo oN all the walls  click it quick or i disappear 

4 Responses to “easter egg hunt hints”

  1. clareloveswebkinz Says:

    dome! The las tone at the Dojo was really hard! U had to click super fast. matt how did u find the last egg w/o cheat guide?

  2. matt Says:

    i found it my self

  3. Lily Says:

    I can’t get the last egg 😦

  4. cpwatex Says:

    i found it myself and is that in last egg “it or I” I desserpera lol!

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