March 8, 2009


jobs38We have move to a new site  Cpcheats23z. This site will no longer Exist Visit now please. It is an 100% updated site has tips and pixel penguins and other stuff so come visit Cpcheats23z today. 


Rockhopper arrives

February 28, 2009



If you click the island on the wall map you will get a porthole that looks like this. 

If you find Rockhopper this is what he will look like. Also if you click his buddy request button you will get a background like the one below 

 picture-352 picture-5

~Waddle on~ 


New pin!

February 28, 2009


The Puffle O’ Berry is at the iceberg.

New Pin!

February 14, 2009


The puffle o’s pin is at the mine

New Sports Catalog

January 31, 2009


^New Catalog 

Catalog Cheats




January 25, 2009
The  Fiesta of clubpenguin has just started today 

Free items 


You can find the mini sombrero at the cove 

New Newspaper

September 11, 2008

The New Newspaper have came out today here are some secrets 

 Click all the item with the numbers and you will get the play bill of the new play that looks like this

Here is the word search and up coming parties


Fall Fair 2 Sneak Peak

September 10, 2008

Fall Fair 2 is coming just around the corner. The party will is on the 26th. This is the second fall fair so if you missed the 1st one be sure to be here. There will be games and prizes and alot more

Stage Sneak Peak

September 10, 2008

Today a stage sneak peak came out sorry about the late updates lately this mainly because of school 😦

Construction & New Post Card

September 6, 2008

Now there is construction is now at the stage well they repair for the new stage. Also there is a new post card well the soccer pitch is going. Heres a picture: